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lde CHAUCER doth of Topas tell,
Mad RABELAIS of Pantagruell,
A latter third of Dowsabell,
   With such poore trifles playing ;
Others the like have labored at,
Some of this thing, and some of that,
And many of they know not what,
   But that they must be saying.

Pantagruel are presently putting the finishing touches to a new programme set to be released on CD in  autumn 2010. Taking its title from a poem by the Elizabethan author Michael Drayton, it will explore the Fantastical Musicke that graced the hallowed boards of the period's Theatre and the court of its "Drama Queen", featuring music by John Dowland, Thomas Ravenscroft, Richard Farrant, John Bennet, Thomas Robinson & Robert Johnson.

And thou NYMPHIDIA gentle Fay,
Which meeting me upon the way,
These secrets  didst to me bewray,
    Which now I am in telling:
My pretty, light fantastick mayde,
I here invoke thee to my ayde,
That I may speake what thou hast sayd,
    In numbers smoothly swelling.
          from Michael Drayton's
    "Nymphidia, the Court of Faerie