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  Crescendo February 2011


Early music is synonymous with the quest for the most authentic approach to performing music from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. These specialized performers with a grounding in intensive research prefer to use original instruments. Many of them convince with a combination of know-how and seriousness. Pantagruel lays another trump card on the table: PASSION. When this, in 2002 founded trio on their new CD “Nymphidia” intone songs of the Elizabethan period, every note, particularly by Anna Maria Wierød is brimming with heart & soul. But this is also the case from Mark Wheeler and Dominik Schneider who accompany the Danish singer with flute and lute. Together, the three revel in melancholic dumps, but also in terpsichorean lightness. This is Early music exploring new paths, inspired by the motto of Pantagruel, the hero of Rabelais' novel, “Do what thou wilt!”
Antoinette Schmelter de Escoba