Since their formation in 2002, Pantagruel have been delighting audiences across Europe with their semi-staged performances of renaissance musicke. Anna Maria Wierød's pure and expressive voyce combined with citterns, gitterns, lutes and viols played by Mark Wheeler & Paulina van Laarhoven bring to life the passionate music of a distant age.

"Pantagruel are astonishing. Immediately they establish their credentials - musicians of impeccable skill and facility, intelligence and wit. An excellent sense of history, yet up-dated and relevant for Now. Here is 'Early Music' going somewhere quite new! I love them." Anthony Rooley

Pantagruel, the hero of Francois Rabelais’s 1532 Novel, with his motto „do what thou wilt“ is the fitting name for an ensemble that is not afraid to explore innovative ideas of performance and presentation. Combining painstaking musicological research with their experience in classical music, rock music, jazz, theatre and dance, their performances expand classical concert conventions by using renaissance practices of medley, improvisation and gesture.